Communicating is easy.

Communicating well – saying exactly what you mean and being understood – now, that’s the trick!

You need the protection that experienced professionals can bring. That’s us.

The principals of the organization have these assets:

  • Experience in communications in the corporate sector.
  • Experience in Government Relations.
  • Decades of experience in print (newspaper and magazine), radio, online (web) and social media content delivery.
  • Record of awards and successes in a broad range of journalistic ventures. Both remain active journalists, and are regularly published in regional and national print and online media.
  • Current and active list of close media contacts, sources upon which they can draw both counsel and the opportunity to secure news coverage for clients.
  • Experience in working with not-for-profit organizations.
  • Experience with communications audits.
  • Experience in teaching communications at the post-secondary level ensures we are highly attuned to the media consumption habits of younger adults.

Regular effective communication with your key stakeholders is absolutely vital to the success of the organization. The professional communicators at Big Tree Communications have the breadth of experience, insight and industry knowledge that will ensure the right people hear the right message.


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